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Yes, I do suffer from depression.

And I ain’t ashamed of it.

I know myself.

But it’s shattered into pieces.

Neither me nor myself can figure it out.

Everything looks F-I-N-E.

Yes, I am fine.

I am okay.

I am alright.

But I am confused about it.

– About everything.

The Sun rises and sets.

The moon shines.

The day begins and ends.

But for me everyday and everything looks alike.

Looks dull.

Didn’t wanna wake up.

Didn’t wanna start up.

Didn’t want to do anything.

Literally nothing!

I wander around in wonder…

I kept tarrying, confused with my mind.

Kindly I requested my mind to tell me.

To tell me who I am.

Days passed ….

Months passed slowly…

And I took a decision.

To stop worrying.

To have faith.

And to hunt everytime.. to find me….

-until I find the one I lost few months ago.

Yes, it’s life.

It’s unpredictable.

It can worsen in future.

It can be wonderful in future.

Neither of them I care.

Because now I learned

– what life actually is!


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My dearest mommy♥💕


All in one, or
One in all.
Either of them suits her.

Happy, Sad or Angry
Whatever is her mood
It doesn’t matter her
She does what she always does.

She shouts like
an angry lion.
But soon turns out to
a caring lion.

She has learned
all the mantras.
To fill my empty tummy
with stuffs that’s yummy.

I annoy her.
I irritate her.
I argue with her.
But I still love her more than myself.

She made our home
a ‘little paradise’
It was her kingdom
and she was the best Queen.

She is beautiful
like whatever she does.
She is filled with love
and she spreads it with us.

She is the one who
keeps everyone calm.
But, sometimes even
she loses her control.
Then we together unite
to keep her calm and happy.

She is my world.
A world filled with
splendid surprises.
A world where I am completely safe
and really happy.
A place no one
expect me,Dad and Brothers can’t understand.

She smiles
When we all smiles.

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They say I am hard as rock.

But its wrong.

Because rock’s don’t cry loud.

They say I never worry.

But its wrong.

Because I am fed up of keeping fake smile.

I have no talents.

Or maybe its my imagination.

Because I have never tried to find it out.

I am alone.

But its wrong.

Because there are numerous people I know.

My near and dear ones too…..

Life is hard.

Maybe its just my imagination.

Because it never made me either proud or happy.

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It’s an amazing feeling
To see the sun rise.
To feel the sky
-when it’s just awake.
It gives hope to all..
Because, a day starts then.
Something begins…

It’s really wonderful.
And Colourful.
To see the sun set.
Something nearing to the climax.
The beautiful sea.
And the sun leaves…

It’s so cool.
When it’s night and calm.
It’s so pretty to see the stars,
Shining like a diamond.
The owls rejoice that.
The lights are switched off .
The dreams cover our eyes.
The ending of something great.
The loneliness hug some.
The tears are hidden in the darkness.

Yes, every creature and creation he made is beautiful.


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Be Strong, Be Strong
Said by many.
Just cry out loud
Said my mind.
My heart beats rapidly
And my sweat glands rejoiced.
I was confused.
I was depressed, emotionless.
I just ran away
Away from everything.
Yes, I am alone.
My cheeks were wet
But my eyes were drained.
My mind was lighten.
Fake smile was spread on my face.
Keep calm
Said my mind.
People said I had a smile.
People said I am rude

-because I never cried in front of them.
-because I never worried in front of them.
-because I was happy all the time, just in front of them.

Days passed.

Months passed.

Years passed.

I understood.
I believe.
All my problems will end …
When I am lifless.
I gained faith.
I gained hope.
I gained patience.
I build up my mind more strong.
I believed I can.
Because I am a human.
I have my right to smile.
The true smile.
I have my right to fight.
For my own right.
I strongly believe.
I have utterly understood.
That all my problems will end…
Now or later.
But, life is unpredictable.
And I don’t care.
Because I am strong.
I have the strength to overcome.
I hope, I hope.
It will be alright.

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Legal ’18’

She was restricted.

For many million little things.

She was banned.

From many stuffs.

But now,

She is 18.

They set the bird fly.

From it cage.

An Adult.


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Her words were locked
Inside her room.
Her talents were hidden
Inside her heart.
Her beauty was faded
Inside her mind.
Her power was reduced
Her freedom to speak was taken away
Her rights were invisible
Her smiles were vanished
From her world.
She was no more ‘Her’.
She is a ‘Victim’.



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Different types of fears.

Whatever it is.

I am scared to fear.

I fear to fear.

But, I fear.

Life is unpredictable.

I fear.

I have to take my own decisions.

I fear.

I live this life.

I fear.

I completed my high school.

I fear for my future.

Fear, Fear and Fear

Was written over my head.

It was hard.

It was damn annoying.

To start something.

To overcome the fear.

Yet, I gained faith.

I gained hope.

I gained patience.

I tried and I won.



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‘Flawed’ – Cecelia Ahern

I am Flawed. We are all flawed and if not then we are not perfect!
‘Flawed’ – Cecelia Ahern. The best book I have ever read. It contains millions of messages in it. Messages which could bring changes in our society, ourself.

Its an amazing book. I would recommended everyone to read it as soon as possible. And I think there is no need to recommend everyone to read ‘Perfect’- Cecelia Ahern’ Part 2 of ‘Flawed’ because all those who read ‘Flawed’ will definitely read ‘Perfect’.

We live once and let us make it the best.😉👍

Go ahead and grab your copy!!😍

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It S-U-C-K-S !

Just now I realized
-I am gonna leave my comrades!
-I am gonna leave my beloved country!

Things aren’t always same.
Yes, I could create great memories.
But that’s what disturbs me.

They made me feel proud
treated me like an Author!!!
They loved me and
-I loved them more!

It S-U-C-K-S
When I realize that –  what life is.
It S-U-C-K-S
When my heart is torn apart
And none is there
-to calm me down!

Yes, it’s life.
It S-U-C-K-S sometimes.
It’ll give pleasure sometimes.
But I hate it now…..

I hope they’ll have
-A great future
I hope they could
-Achieve their dreams.

Last but not least.
I hope if we all could
-be in the same age, eternally.


download (5).jpg

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It’s not just a cloth to wrap up.

It’s something which rises faith up.

She isn’t hiding herself.

She is finding herself.

She was not forced to.

But she knows what’s right to.

Yes, you’ve freedom to choose what you want.

You’ve freedom to wear what you want.

Wear Hijab in its own way.

Never change it according to your way.

It’s not something just to cover yourself.

It’s something which protects yourself.

Yes, you’ve freedom to choose what you want.

You’ve freedom to wear what you want.

But it’s my duty to tell you if I find something wrong.

And it’s your wish either to listen or not to.


It’s been since long I wanted to write something about ‘Hijab’. Unfortunately I wasn’t a good writer at that time. The reason why I want to write this is my life experiences and the society. I see many people who just simply wear hijab foe style and it hurts me. Yes we all have the right to wear do and live according to our wish. But maybe there are people who didn’t know what they were doing wasn’t nice may recognize. So therefore I wrote this poem.


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Be positive.✨

She posts positive thoughts always.
She is aesthetic.
She always smiles.
She never cried.
She never talked about any problems.
She dressed up beautifully.
She is always enjoying outdoors.

Society: She is always positive. Her life is so amazing. She hasn’t suffered any problems. She is enjoying her life without being serious. She pretends to forget that life is unpredictable.

Inside her mind:
I don’t want anyone to know how badly I am hurt, deep inside.
How will I fix my broken heart?
Why can’t I speak to someone about all my problems?
Why should I always pretend to be happy and just smile… the fake smile!!
Why should I make others believe I am alright? Just by being dressed up and pretending I am happy!
Why I always cry when I am alone. Why can’t I cry out loud when my near and dear ones are near me?

But I must be confident. I want to gain the strength to overcome everything. I can I will.

She takes a Deep breath.

Her Heart: When will be my old wounds will be cured completely. I know it’s hard but I can’t believe all these happened to me.

Let’s believe it’s life and it’s unpredictable.

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Poem speaks.

It was scorching hot.
I got tanned.
Admirable, that I got a change
-suitable another colour.

It was my birthday,
last week.
I didn’t get any gifts.
Thank God there is nothing here,
which will remind me of getting older.

I was walking across the street,
got hit by a pole.
Oh! I found a good shop
-near the pole.

Yesterday I cried,
a lot.
Pain of my heart reduced.
Yes, and that’s how I am able to write
-this poem.

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2018 – An origin and an extinction.

You might wonder and may not.
but I do wonder and wander all the time.
I searched even in the green grasses
which turned grey later, lifeless.

I turned around
saw nothing, but myself.
An incomplete me to be fixed
millions of pieces scattered around
of my heart and my brain.

Didn’t know I was this hurt
until everything was ruined.
I tried to calm,
to fix my own puzzles.
Neither I nor anyone could find
the perfect pieces.

One life and one I is fixed.
but with the uncompleted puzzle
-I can’t live here and anywhere else.
I tried to calm and stitch.

One by one.
Day by Day, the pieces were fixed
not perfectly but flawlessly.
I smiled.
I tried to smile.

I rejoined the broken thoughts
the lost good memories
the old me,
but rectified my error and corrected before.

New me.
Same life.
But, A fresh start
without the dreadful memories
– I had to face last time,
when I had begun another fresh start.

Let’s hope this year will bring joy and happiness to our life.

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There was a time when I wrote two poems and didn’t know what to write for two months. That was when I started this blog. But now I have no words to explain about how WordPress have made me improve so much!! Yes I know I have much more to practise to be a good writer. But I have become good from what I was before.

Actually when I started I used to write senseless and funny stuffs…which at that time I thought was the best amongst all. Never mind…I am happy now.

Thank you WordPress. Thank you all the books I read. Thank you for all the followers and all those who reads and likes my posts.

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Qatar National Day 2018.

I wasn’t born here.

But I wish if I were.

This isn’t my homeland.

But I do always feel it as my own land.

Here I am just an emigrant.

Who loves it as its own citizen, incessant.



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My lip condition started to be worse…and day by day it became so bad.

Dried, ugly and it was totally irritating me. I tried so many lip balms and lip hacks…..sadly nothing worked on my lips.

Later I planned to try SEBA MED SPF-30 LIP DEFENCE (CHERRY FLAVOUR) . I am now really amazed to see that it has worked so perfectly.

I would definitely suggest you guys to try it. Truly amazing.

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People ignored.
People laughed at me.
People teased me.
People hurt me.
People hate me.

I gained faith, patience and willingness to do work hard.
I did my own work,
didn’t care about anyone.
I won.
I achieved what I want to,
and what I deserve.

I didn’t ignore the ‘People’.
I didn’t laugh at the ‘People’.
I didn’t tease at the ‘People’.
I didn’t hurt the ‘People’.
I didn’t show hate towards the ‘People’.
Because I knew how it feels to bear all that.

But I told the ‘People’

To stop peeping into others life,
when not needed to.

To stop creating rumours
moreover to start writing best sellers.

To stop laughing when someone ‘tries’ and then fails
but to start creating their own jokes to make the audience laugh.

Yes, I did tell them to understand themselves.
to stop criticising others.
to love each other.
to compromise even in the large conflicts.

Do not procrastinate your works.
Let other speak what they want.
Just ignore. Breathe. Relax.
Their perspective changes in milliseconds.
Start now.
Feel good.


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Firstly everyone please support my designing skills :p (I know I don’t have any!) SAMEEHA JUNAID – DESIGNING POSTS

Denim is one of the styles which never fades away, right?
Most of us usually wear denim all the time. But, have you guys tried different styles of wearing it or always the same?

umm…wanna know more about different styles? stay tuned!
(sorry, just again a short break)


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My hair, eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes
are so black and beautiful.

Why am I so fascinated  to purchase
everything that’s black?

Black is strong, dominant 
and sumptuous.

Everyday’s my outfit comprises a
portion of black in it, to look bold.

Black is ubiquitous
north, south, west and east.

I love you, Black. I and You are made for each other.
This poem is for you, my love.


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This book is the collection of motivational articles and it’s really inspiring.
This cover image isn’t original (picture from google). This is just for you all to understand about my book. I’ll be posting the original cover soon. 

View original post

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Life is unpredictable. I know it’s a fact.  A fact which hurts most of the time.  And when life gives you beautiful surprises you will love the fact.

Every day in our life positive things can’t happen. But you can think what all positive things had happened… Even the smallest ones you did at the end of each day.💜

My life is different from yours. I am different. You are different. I have a perfect role model and you do have a different one.

Here, I would like to share my thoughts about my perfect role model who has taught me how to live this life in such way that when you are lifeless there isn’t anything bad about you for people to laugh or spread rumours.💚

If you are so excited to know who is that perfect role model… its none other than my DAD💖

 I love him more than anything, anyone in this whole universe.  I love my mother too.  But, I have learnt many life-experiences and a lot of things which a daughter must learn from her father which will help her to live her future peacefully.💛

He taught me how to be independent and to be strong even when the toughest problems kick you. I have also learnt how to live a happy and simple life.  I can’t ever live without him. He is always in my heart and around me. 💞

Now even when depression, nervousness and difficulties surround near me and try to destroy me…His love and his words help me to overcome all that. I can’t imagine a world without him and me all alone. He loved me more than anything he did. And he considers me like a precious diamond in the entire universe …maybe more than that!!💎

I love you Dad. Wherever you go… even far apart you are always near me in my heart. I miss you.💕

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If anyone asks me which is my  one and only  favourite makeup…I would definitely answer ….. ‘eyeliner’.

Umm..okay now if you wanna know what’s there in my makeup bag (even though I don’t have one 🙂 )  or what all makeup I have…. Here is your answer :

1) Ponds day cream – I use it as my moisturiser and a daily cream whenever I go to school. As I have to stay out for some time, this cream also helps me from getting tanned.
2)Kajal – ( I have used Himalaya, Maybelline and
4)Mascara – only when going for a party or wedding. 🙂


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Real happiness.

I am really speechless. I wonder how I could do this! Within few months I have got many followers, likes, comments moreover the way I write has been changed into something better.

I thank you all for helping me to be a good writer, blogger and also for encouraging my thoughts😊💓

I have learnt a beautiful lesson from this experience….

Practise practise and practise always. You’ll find the diffference.



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I will.

‘ You can’t do this! Why simply waste time in reading books??’.

‘You have some grammatical errors (laughter) I don’t think now you can become a good  blogger.’

Yes, you aren’t perfect you are flawed. And that’s alright. Why do you have passions? Why should we live if we can’t live according to the way we want to?

Passions are meant to be always with you and you need to achieve your goals… Your aim. There can be many tough pathways, even you may fail many times but you’ll definitely win one day and you may feel worthless at some point … But always remember that life is unpredictable and you need to have the strength to overcome everything…

That’s it. You are already to achieve your target with hope and faith😊💓

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Be who you are.

They may say you are ugly. But always believe one thing that you are beautiful in your own way.

You doesn’t need to care what others speak about you . Unless its worthful to. Their perception towards you may change just in a second. Therefore be you.

Live the life the way you want to. Be who you are and there’s no need to change the way you are for somebody. Always try to be ststrong, more than you are now! Because life is unpredictable.

Be happy. Have strength, hope and faith.😊😍

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According to my style.

A girl’s closet must contain these patterns :

  1. Solid colours – Black and white for sure and your favourite colours too. For me Navy blue, Maroon, Peach and Red.
  2. Stripes
  3. Checks
  4. Denim

It must have these kinds of stuff too:

  1.   Solid tops and shirts. ( Length and sleeves according to your choice)
  2. Denim blazer, jeggings and jeans. ( Colour and everything is according to your choice)
  3. Pleated skirt – black is must 🙂
  4. Palazzos
  5. Scarfs of solid colours and different types of cloth which suits and in which you are comfortable. (Only if you wear hijab)
  6. Oxford shoes, flats, half shoes (I prefer those with the sharp front like a cone end) and sneakers.
  7. A handbag which is having good space and which is pretty good with all your outfits.
  8. An abaya which is comfortable for you to wear always( if you wear one)
  9. Cardigans
  10. Indian wear ( As I’m an Indian :P)
  11. Jump suits

Some pictures of common and amazing things you need in your closet are below:

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Don’t touch the candies in the bar.
said, my mom, when I was 5.
I was really sad because
I had restrictions in my house.

Don’t play outside for hours.
said, my dad, when I was 10.
I got hurt inside when I saw others playing
and I had restrictions in my house.

Don’t go for hangouts always.
said, my parents, when I was 15.
I got angry and frustrated when my friends always did
and I had restrictions in my house.

Don’t fall in love, now you aren’t matured.
said, my parents, when I was 20.
I didn’t want to obey them
because now I know how to destroy the restrictions.

Some years after….
I wish I had obeyed all the restrictions I had and created beautiful memories with them.
My broken heart cried and everything around me turned upside down when I destroyed those beautiful restrictions.

via Daily Prompt: Finite

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Who am I?

imagesWho am I? Have you ever thought about it? In this huge world filled with millions and trillions of different types of people, you must have to introspect yourself at least once in a day!
Everyone in this world is aware of the problems that a female face. We feel bad for them and we post many articles, posters, quotes, poems etc.. Does that really make a change in their situation? Maybe it may have made a small change. I really appreciate those who come forward to protest against all the unfair stuff happening around us, every day!
In between all these problems we, females get confused and scared. But I am really downloadhappy to see many females are now stubborn, strong and smart. Yes!! now they understood that a female is someone who can change the entire world if she gets a chance to and the things society had told about women that they can’t do properly… Now can be done by a woman perfectly!

Recently, I have seen a facebook page which posts videos and photos about women empowerment and other topics related to the woman issues happening around the world. I have heard a speech by Kangana Ranaut which is mind blowing! in that Facebook page. One thing from that speech which made me feel motivated is that…
imagesWe must understand our self and we should always believe in our self. Because people’s perspective about you may change in a second!!  There’s only you who can understand yourself and know what you love to be more than anyone else.

Life is like a mixture of everything. You can’t even predict what’s gonna happen in next second. Do love what you do and try to understand people around you too.

Yes, sometimes you may feel you are worthless. But every creature in this world is worthful by its own way. No one is useless. You have some creativity or talent inside you hidden. Dig it out and make it more powerful.
If I can then you can. If you can then everyone can.
Just breathe, Smile and be positive.

images (1)


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Sarojini Nagar

After watching Sejal’s Youtube video and Scoop whoop’s article about Sarojini Nagar, I’m extremely excited and thrilled to go there at least once. So if you have any advice for me before going there please do comment and I will be posting my trip experience after visiting!! Moreover even I am doing the Rs.1000 challenge!.

But I will be going there next month or a bit later…


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Just stay!

I told her to stay
– just for a day.
To spend time with me,
her lost and found childhood best friend.

Stay, stay and stay murmured my lips…
but the voice of mine was stuck in my throat waiting to come out.
But my eyes were filled with tears,
– breaking me up in fears.

I swear, I did shout at her.
But, for a reason.
Just only because she rejected my calls and messages.
To dig out the truth … why she left me, all alone.

We were best friends.
Never apart and always together for everything as we had reckoned.

But, the marriage proposal wasn’t by me
Neither by you, as you yelled at me and said that.
I believe it was a proposal from the concerned parents
– who wants their children to live with the perfect partners.

We had a good friendship,
a strong and beautiful one.
The bonds of it started to weaken
but, we weren’t aware of it.

I turned my ears to your side
to listen what’s the truth.
But unless saying the truth as you always do…
you were blaming me, our friendship bond.

Now you found me sitting next to you, as a partner.
But as a partner in my business.
Either unfortunately or fortunately, you didn’t recognize me
when you accepted the request neither did I.

But now I believe
we are meant to be together
maybe that’s the reason…
why we smiled at each other.
Erasing the dreadful past to create a wonderful future.

Just stay  ‘as my best friend’ murmured my heart.
I know even you loved to stay with me.
to recollect our memories and laugh endlessly
to forget everything and begin everything

Alas, you left me all alone again and went to heaven.
It was too late for me to recognize why
– a patient who was sure to be lifeless in few years said ‘no’
to the marraige proposal…


via Daily Prompt: Continue

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Scars to your beautiful

But there’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark
You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are
And you don’t have to change a thing
The world could change its heart
No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful
Oh, oh, oh
Oh-oh, oh, oh
And you don’t have to change a thing
The world could change its heart
No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful

Wow!! This song of Alessia Cara is really amazing. I wasn’t much interested in Hollywood until 2016. Now, I kinda started loving the songs. This is the first song of her’s I have heard and I litteraly admired her voice and particularly the message she shares through the song is epic!!

Everyone in this world is beautiful as God created all the creatures beautiful in its own way. Yet many people believe the synonym of ‘beautiful’ created by the society. A girl can go out with or without makeup… It’s her wish to do. You can’t call her ugly just because she didn’t have any trace of  “makeup” on her face!!! But, you can definitely call her ‘Beautiful’ when she isn’t wearing any makeup. 🙂

Looking for a girl friend? bride?  Then here is what usually people say and I have heard too
– Oh man!! she should be ‘white skinned’, her ‘eyebrows should be on fleek’  also she should be the utmost ‘good looking’ and ‘slim fit’  in our entire species.

Why? For what? Just ask this question to yourself and find out why and for what you want girls to always be fair skinned and to look beautiful, the synonym of ‘beautiful’ created by society??!

download (1).jpg

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Major erudition

  • The need of water increased when the amount of water decreased. But still, the unrelenting human beings still waste it.
  • The empty stomach cried while the fully filled stomach with yummy food had thrown the leftover to the waste.
  • While girls are not able to live peacefully.  Rather than trying to change the situation…. society started to create senseless rumours and always complains about how the girls are.
  • Thousands of human beings are suffering from depression. But, some people who are just enjoying their life isn’t imagining about this unpredictable life.

via Daily Prompt: Critical

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Nowadays it’s common to hear that someone is depressed somewhere!
There are thousands of people who are depressed and left alone!!
Maybe our near and dear ones are suffering depression. But, they may not have expressed or said this to you. There are several types of depression as there are many causes!

I love being positive and to make others happy and positive. Yes, I had tough times when I felt I am worthless… but something inside me woke me up and later on I believe in never giving up. I understood the value of life and how worthful every human being is. I felt bad for how I felt a few days back.
If I can be strong and positive when everything even the small things are upside down then you can!!
If you want some positive energy. You can contact me using the comment section below 🙂 I would be happy to solve your problems..

Why waste this precious time available by just feeling depressed. think twice.

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The little girl was watching the tiny droplets of water on the window of her beautiful room. The thought to feel and enjoy the rain was running on her mind. She ran to the main door wearing her frock, her favourite one. She was so excited and amazed to do this. She named this relation as love… and was in the happiest mood as the question (What’s love?) which she asked her mom thrice had got its answer!! She was able to find the answer as her mom was busy. The first experience of a 6-year-old child with nature.


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Just an information.

Nowadays everyone is aware of what’s happening around the world. As technology is developing so fast.

Here, I would like to write about one of the misconception society has. Being a girl we have to face many problems in this world. But,  now most of us have the courage to defeat anything that will destroy us.

Education is one among the things where there shouldn’t be any gender discrimination. But I have seen people discouraging girls education! I have just one question to them. WHY ARE YOU DISCOURAGING US? DO YOU GET SOME PROFIT BY  DISCOURAGING??! Unless if you encourage them to learn, later the whole world will be proud of it.

You might be wondering why I have written this post now, maybe. The reason: Some individuals (I don’t want to mention them) told my parents … why should she learn so much? just after her high school let her join some degree!  When I heard that I was like ‘ whaaaaaaatttttttttttttttt’ I couldn’t believe it!.

I would really like to know your theory about this topic in the comment section below. Let’s discuss and together let’s make a change.


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Just a thought.

Who are you? Do you believe in yourself? Do you introspect yourself sometimes? Do you wake up everyday believing that you are gonna do something new? Hm… Does this questions sounds great?!

If you have answered everything perfectly.. then you are really wonderful!😍 This is life and you have to go through many stuff. It can be so thrilling or maybe so depressing. It’s we who has to choose how to live.  We all must have the enough courage to overcome anything in this one big but small life😁.

When everything around you is upside down and you are kinda always unlucky in most of the things… Don’t worry, it’s life it should be like this man!!! I have seen many people who starts complaining about their life and people just because their surrounding things are upside down.

Everything is possible so why can’t you just get up, believe yourself, be courageous and start trying to just get out of all your problems? Be faithful and truthful always.


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I love travelling. If it was free to travel I would be in different places every hour. But I had only travelled to 2 countries other than my home land. One is THAILAND. I have written a post about it. even though I have not written about everything that had happened .. I have mentioned some cool stuff :P.


Wanna know my dream place????

TRAVEL the world. It will actually relax your mind. you will learn many new things and will have many friends. Travelling is always fun and cool?

share your travelling experiences under. I would love to (2).jpg


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I know I’m not perfect and I am completely fine to be the way I am now, always. To be flawed is fine, right? But… there’s one thing I always wanted say to you all reading my posts.I think you have read my post – about me. So I really want to develop the way of writing and actually, I want you all to recommend me some good books which will help me in writing. I actually started reading towards the end of 2015. Which was because I loved carrying a book always and when I am bored I just can read it. I found it really cute to have a book always and most importantly I wanted to know how other authors write. I Before 2015 I really hated reading books and found it really boring. But now I love reading.

The books I’ve read till now :

  1. A good girl
  2. Thousand splendid suns
  3. Five point someone
  4. Alchemist
  5. Revolution 2020
  6. Someone like you
  7. I too had a love story

From the above-given books, I only liked 4,7 and 2.

Here are the books which I really want to read this year or when I get free time.

  1. Everything Everything
  2. Sun is also a star

I love books which are inspiring, funny, mystery and I love books which is romantic, but not too much.


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This book is the collection of motivational articles and it’s really inspiring.
This cover image isn’t original (picture from google). This is just for you all to understand about my book. I’ll be posting the original cover soon. 

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I ain’t perfect. I am flawed. As it’s always okay to be flawed.

One should always love tumblr_m4l6h08lDj1qh9vzro1_500themselves and understand who they are. Be the one who you are and try to change all the bad things to good ones in you. Life is just one in this huge -alluring world. To live it happily .. yeah you can’t be happy all the time but to at least enjoy most of it. You have to be strong and positive.



Be yourself. Always do not compare you with someone. You can do everything if you believe in yourself. Yes, you have to compare yourself with someone for some reasons. For example, when you compare… if you find something which encourages you to work hard that’s good, right? But it’s not always good too. Comparing yourself with someone may create problems.

There are three types of people in this world. 

  1. Positive people – They always smile, sometimes fake. They are strong and smart. They are highly extrovert…  as well there are strong introverts too. They have a wonderful shield over their heart which heals them from the hatred, depression, anxiety, negativities
  2. Negative people – They always worry and be depressed. They find negativeness in everything. They first find the mistake… then compliment if there is something to be. They find this life hard and boring. They behave like an introvert who hates everything or else as an extrovert who is always scared of everything.
  3. Neutral people – They are kinda like a chameleon! Sometimes they are extremely positive and vice versa. They have confusion in everything. They enjoy their life like anything…when everything around them goes smooth. And behave like they are dead when everything around them is upside down. These people are sometimes extrovert and sometimes introvert.


imagesYou are wonderful! Enjoy little things. Learn from your experiences (your past) and live the present life and future with the strength to overcome everything. Today’s world is different from yesterday’s. You’ve to have the ability to overcome everything. Fear should vanish from your life dictionary and you have to work hard for your success. Happiness will be following you if you do this!! Even if your body is strong and your mind is weak, you can’t win in this life. You are who you are therefore try hard to make you more wonderful by being strong. People may complain about you even when you are doing the right thing. But, you don’t have to worry if you believe in yourself and do the right thing by not caring what others say. Because most of the time it creates only problems!

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Life is unpredictable. We all know this fact and still, we delay our works and stuff. If you’ve a plan to do something today do it today itself. Do not keep something for another day. As well do not believe that you can enjoy life later and be stressed up and work hard. You have to enjoy yourself even while you are working hard. Understand yourself.


One world, One life & One you –  Be you.  – Sameeha Junaid

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I’m kinda ugly?!

I don’t have a milky skin.
I doesn’t have my eyebrows on fleek.
I do not have a perfect eyes with beautiful eyelashes.
moreover I doesn’t have a slim fit body shape.
Therefore I’m ugly.
According to the synonym society has created.
But, I’m beautiful.
According  to the synonym not created by the society.
It’s the synonym originated from the fact
-that God has created all the creatures beautifully in its own way.

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Synonym of beauty.

Synonym of beauty is simple and easy.

The person who possess milky skin and pretty face. Like the moon in the dark sky or the stars surrounded by the moon.

Shining skin, skinny body, zero size and much more.

I wander in wonder in search of the synonym of ‘beauty’.But not that synonym made by the society.e

But unfortunately that synonym hurts many, mostly everyone.

Those who possess milky skin may not contain a tender heart. And may not give you a tender coconut either😂.

But I do believe, the person who possess eyes, ears, lips are beautiful.

I created the synonym of being beautiful but not the synonym society created. Which is utterly incorrect and hurting too.

God created everything beautifully. So you are beautiful.

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Someone special 🥀

Who’s the first best friend of a girl? Whom she can trust in her whole life. Whom cares her more than she does. Are you confused about the answer? Nah,I don’t think so… I think you know the answer. Yes, it’s her Dad❤️

I was born as a princess

Because my dad was the king.

I was living in a world so happy and safe.

Because my dad was with me as my bodyguard.

I never had to be scared about my future

Because my dad always had been there to decide.

I miss you Dad💔

With love🥀,

Your little daughter 💖

Father is a daughter’s best friend, bodyguard, someone who treats her as a princess and someone who understands her more than she herself does. – Sameeha Junaid

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Daily Prompt: Partner

Someone who’s always around you.💑

Someone who understands you, utterly.😇

Someone who’s crazy as you are.💃🕺

Someone who can’t live without you.🥀

Someone, who takes care of your family as it’s her’s 💕💕

And last but not least,

Someone with whom you’re Known as made for each other .👌💖


viaDaily Prompt: Partner

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Five Point Someone

This book is quite an interesting one and thrilling too. ‘Chetan Bhagath’ have written this book so wonderfully…as because I like it.

Hope you’ll hurry to get your copy today itself😉.


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Deep inside

It goes deep inside …

More than the deep sea.

It get hurt when it goes down …

Deeper and deeper I got used to .

Mind and brain fought

Like my life and soul always does.

I hate it.

But I convinced myself to love.

As it’s my life

My one and only life.

Dreams and ambition are clear

But the path to it is unclear.

I wanted someone. ..

To hold me

-when I fall

To motivate me

-when I can’t control myself.

I waited eagerly …

Nothing changed

But something got lost from my heart .

Deep deep inside…

The wound got more deep

It started to pain harder now.

As usual ,

No one cared.

Even myself.

Time flies and crawls.

Memories turns out to be good and bad.

Its life.

Its unpredictable .

I changed my thoughts.

Pessimistic to Optimistic.

I live for my soul.

I live for my ambitions.

I deserve to live.

I deserve to achieve my success .

I will fight.

Until I am lifeless.



A lot to express

But my thoughts fly

-when I fill the ink.

Pain turned to be the first word

-in my dictionary and my life.

Peace was shattered all over

-with hope.

I was confused with all the puzzles

-shattered into millions…

Life is like a dark chocolate

-because I don’t like the ‘taste’.

Maybe it’s just me over thinking.

Maybe it’s my fault.

Only mine….




P o e m ,,,,,,,,

Like my mind.

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