I’m an Indian teenager girl living abroad with lot of dreams and want to achieve it with flying colours. Once I believed I didn’t have any talent. But I believe God has gifted everyone with an alluring talent. So I was in a search for it. I used to write poems and senseless stories as I was a kid. I planned to write a novel in Malayalam – ‘Tree’. But I couldn’t complete it, I wrote half. I think I should continue that after some time. I wasn’t aware of writing blog until when my friend gave her WordPress blog link to me to see. I was really so thrilled to start a blog after that. The journey through WordPress has created many changes in me. I used to write to fill my blog but later, I found that the practice has helped me a lot to improve. I really thank https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/ for inspiring everyone.

Last but not least I would like to share my dreams/goals/aim…..

  1. I love Science. Science is always a wonderful and astonishing topic. I would like to be a Doctor or if I ain’t able to achieve it I would like to go for paramedical courses.
  2. Authors are always amazing, isn’t it? I love spending my time with music and books,  and to write about everything that inspired me in an imaginary world. I want to be a well-known Author in future.
  3. Blogging is really a special experience for me till now!! I love writing on the blog all the time. I would like to start another blog as for business plan. Write more poems, Articles, Quotes, Novels, Recipes etc….
  4. Everywhere you see there is some sort of designing. The art of designing is thrilling and spectacular always. I love going to shop for buying outfits(especially for me :P). I later understood that I really love Fashion Designing. I want to learn it in properly after my actual education and after getting a proper job.
  5.  The beauty in a photography is really astonishing and stunning. I want to learn the basic thing of professional photography and I want to create a blog for my photographies. I love Canon camera the most https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home.
  6. Who doesn’t like sports? I am really passionate about Badminton. I want to attend the badminton coaching classes and learn it and achieve trophies and medals!!
  7. We all are addicted to YouTube. Most of us have favourite YouTubers. Even I wished to be one of your favourites.
  8. Money is the most essential thing in our entire life, isn’t it? Without that we can’t even imagine how our life would be, right? I have a plan to start a small business as I like designing I plan to start a shop where I can sell my designer dresses!
  9. I like to learn new things and I love to see varieties in everything. Travelling always gives us a wonderful experience. I love to travel, inspire and explore. I want to visit all over the world especially my dream place is Canada – The snowy pretty place.

That’s all about me. Hope I can achieve everything. Life is all about hopes, maybe.