I’m an Indian teenage girl living abroad with a lot of dreams and want to achieve it with flying colors. Once I believed I didn’t have any talent. But now I believe God has gifted everyone with an alluring talent. So just check out my blog and comment whether I’m talented or not!! 🙂


26 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. A very well written description of what you are and what you aim to be, blended with the things you love and the things you are fond of. I should say, you shouldn’t stop writing. Write more often. You ll feel happy and relaxed. Write when you are happy or sad.
    All the best.

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  2. Your dreams make for an impressive list of aspirations. Now go ahead and build foundations for each one of them lest they remain castles in the air. I am sure with your dreams and temperament, you have the potential to become an eminent doctor, reputable garment merchandiser and businesswoman, keen shuttle badminton player and last but not the least a good writer. Just start off by being a medico, the rest will follow. Good luck molu…

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    1. Thanks once again for motivating me to work-hard. And I’m waiting to achieve everything patiently.😃👍
      Hope you’ll read my blog whenever you get time and help me to improve blogging.😊😊


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