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Open your eyes first. See everything ‘Everything that happens around you’.

Open your mouth. Let it speak anything ‘Anything which is needed to be spoken out'(The truth)

Open your ears. Let them hear ‘What they have to be heard happening around them’.

Let our hands, mind, brain, and everything co-operate with us to make this world better by seeing, hearing, speaking and standing with truth. Let’s stand together to destroy something which may destroy us later!!

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Life Quote

If you have a human being with you who supports you cares you and loves you. Especially whom you can trust blindly. Then you have an amazing life where you have someone to share everything you have… that’s is truly splendid!!

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A best author doesn’t create a best seller.

But, a best seller creates a best author.

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Something is coming soon….

To be an Author… is one among my goals

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It’s really emotional and amazing love stor. ‘Ravinder singh’ has written it so beautifully such that it’ll create an amazing feeling in reader’s heart. As it’s an original life story of ‘Ravinder Singh’ (Ravin) . It’s 100% splendid and emotional.

Everyone must grab a copy of it, If you didn’t have read it yet!!

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Revolution 2020

A book filled with many twists and emotions. It’s simple and pretty nice.This is my second book of ‘Chetan Bhagat’.

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Five Point Someone

This book is quite an interesting one and thrilling too. ‘Chetan Bhagath’ have written this book so wonderfully…as because I like it.

Hope you’ll hurry to get your copy today itself😉.

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Miss You..

She smiled at me once

She messaged me twice

She called me thrice

But I ignored her always

She never told I’ll miss her always

It’s too late now

-to smile at her

-to reply back for her messages

-and to call her all the time…


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When you care more, you miss more.

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Is there anyone who doesn’t like denim? Nah.

Denim is one of the awesome cloth material anyone can wear. It’s so comfortable, always wearable and suits for all functions.

Denim can be designed and styled in many varieties beautifully. I like both light and dark shades of denim. Dark shaded looks good with black whereas Light shaded denim looks good with white. Denim dresses are perfect for a party with suitable jacket or accessories. While wearing denim you can wear hijab according to the denim shades.

For example, if you are wearing dark shade wear black or any dark shaded or beautifully printed matching hijab. Or if you are wearing light shaded denim wear pretty coloured hijab like pink, white or stripped designed hijabs.

Do you like Indian wares? If yes, you can design a dress or blazer or anything with Indian design on it adding some glass work to it will make it more pretty. Nowadays we can see designer sarees with denim blouse. That’s actually good to wear (everything depends upon the way you design the blouse).

Isn’t it really stunning to hear that, denim looks perfect for everyone for all colours? Some patterns which suit with denim are – Stripes, Polka dots, Shapes or Simple patterns.

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I was trembled..

I wish if I heard everything good about me,

without being trembled in between.

I wish if my world was always beautiful,

without being trembled in between.

via Daily Prompt: Tremble

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I am…

I am girl filled with many dreams to fulfil and an aim to achieve. I love to be happy always (
approximately). As we know life is full of emotions and as we pass through many situations we need to have the strength to overcome the problems we face.

I thought my life was worthless, once upon a time. And still, now I feel that sometimes. I thank God for giving me a wonderful thinking power that, I have some courage inside my mind still alive to withstand all my problems. I was badly hurt inside many times, Cried loudly when I was alone(as none can identify me crying). I have thought many times if someone close to me – give me a hug and say me that you can do it when I am depressed totally. It could create a wonderful change in me. I never say any (most of them) problems to anyone I know. I wish if there was someone to help me and understand my feelings….

Like this, there are many “I’s”in this world. It may be your closer one. They maybe hiding everything in their heart and really hurt inside!! Find if any are there and help them and understand their feelings.

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Are you a RACIST?

Ummm….If your answer is ‘No’ , I’m extremely happy. Because in today’s world it is really hard to find someone who isn’t racist. Before starting this article I want you all to watch this video, which lead me to write this article : .

Many people protest against being racist. But unfortunately these are those people who is being racist!! Maybe you aren’t but there are some. As you have already seen the video you can understand what I am going to write. This is Earth the beautiful planet with many different things. There are billions and trillions and etc…(UNCOUNTABLE) no.of people in this world. Here, In this world with all these varieties of things how can you expect everyone to be ‘White’ skinned people? Or everyone to be ‘Fair’? I believe that everyone is pretty in their own way. I have seen many people  when they are looking for a groom or a bride they see if they are ‘white’ skinned. But I have even seen other good people but they are just few!! … This is life and everyone has the right to live it happily and that happiness shouldn’t be destroyed by anyone’s racism  behaviour.

Beauty isn’t in face , Beauty is what is there inside your heart” – Khalil Gibran. This should be their in your heart and you should obey this in your life too.

download (14).jpgLet’s all be together always, because we are ‘Homo sapiens’ – Sameeha Junaid.

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YouTube – A favourite place for everyone. I am really obsessed with YouTube. I may just want to hear a song, maybe just for 5 mins. But even after 30mins I will be still on YouTube listening to something really different!!( Ellen’s Show , Superwoman, Vidya Vox, Alessia Cara, Ruth B etc… ) .These people here below are my all time favourite ,  because of Youtube. YouTube has created a huge platform for everyone talented to showcase their talent. I really thank the founders of YouTube for this wonderful help.

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. Wikipedia
CEO: Susan Wojcicki (Feb 5, 2014–)
Acquisition date: November 13, 2006
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‘A Good Girl’ – a romantic book written by Chandana Roy. This book is simple and nice. I really liked some lines in this book and the beautiful idioms too.

I read this book on my vacations and I enjoyed my vacation!download (13).jpg

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A Thousand Splendid Suns!

‘Thousand Splendid Suns’ An awesome thrilling book written by Khaled Hosseini( This is not a formal book review. This is just some thoughts which are still there in my mind after reading this beautiful book.

First of all, I thank Khaled Hosseini for writing a wonderful book. This is really a special book for me. As a beginner in reading , I didn’t know what is my taste in reading. And how to select a good book. So I thought of borrowing a book from  my friend. She asked me which type and all ….as you know I was really confused. And she gave me this book. When everyone saw this book in my hand they all were motivating me to read it.

This book is about Afghanistan politics and Two girls life. The two different girls who were strangers suddenly being ……I don’t wanna reveal the secret to those who didn’t read this book. Actually this is a motivational,Inspirational and a good book to read always when you feel lonely. You haven’t read this? Just hurry up and buy it, it’s worth it.


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When I thought about writing a topic which everyone want to read or inspired I thought of taking ‘The Woman’ as my topic.

Image result for muslim woman painting
She is always beautiful….inside out!

So now let us begin …. As we know that women face many problems in today’s life, I will write here something about those problems  ….Here is what I want my society to be aware of.

 DOWRY – the dangerous killer!!

DOWRY – the dangerous killer.

Dowry is a system created by someone years ago. Yeah, Obviously! Why are you marrying a girl? Because you need a happy family, good life, good future etc… But then why do you need Dowry?!! This is what I don’t understand actually. As in this picture above, people value money and gold etc more than a life of a girl!! I feel this so creepy and disgusting. If you want money or gold or whatever earn it by your hard work. Please never ever compare it with a girl’s life.

EDUCATION – is what all need first.


“If you educate a woman, you educate a family, if you educate a girl, you educate the future.” – Queen Rania of Jordan

This quote is known by many. This quote speaks a lot.  Everyone should be educated in this whole universe. Everyone has the right to be educated. If you can read what I have written here, you are educated. Aren’t you? I would like you to visit this website :  . We ourself know how important gaining knowledge is. Imagine our life itself without going to school. How hard our life would be? Without understanding anything, when we can’t even read a thing,  when we can’t understand anything…How miserable would that be?! Do as much as you can do to change this system or this mind of many people who are not sending their GIRL child to school to be educated. If I continue writing about this topic, I can’t stop it anywhere.

FEMALE FOETICIDE – The most dreadful thing!!


The frequency of female foeticide in India is assumed to be an estimation derived from its high birth sex ratio, that is the ratio of boys to girls at birth. The natural ratio is assumed to be between 103 and 107, and any number above it is considered as suggestive of female foeticide. According to the decennial Indian census, the sex ratio in the 0 to 6 age group in India has risen from 102.4 males per 100 females in 1961,[1] to 104.2 in 1980, to 107.5 in 2001, to 108.9 in 2011.[2]

How happy would you be when you receive a precious gift from someone? That everyone doesn’t have it and many need it. Obviously thrilled and excited, isn’t it? A child is a God given gift to you . There are many people who wish to have a girl child whereas there are several people doesn’t want their child because it is a girl child!! What do you mean? Everyone has the right to live in this world. One of the most common reason I heard is that… ‘To have a girl child is a burden. As they give her education and look after her…when it is time for wedding they have to spend a lot of money and she will go to her husband’s house. Where she live thereafter, doing nothing for her parents.’ Okay…to all those having this opinion for killing a girl foetus :

  1. You give education to your boy child , so give education to your girl child too.
  2. You look your boy child so carefully and lovingly as it is your own child, do the same to your girl child too.
  3. You help your boy child to search for a good job, do that for your girl child too.
  4. A boy get married and a girl also get married. As dowry is banned both are same.
  5. If everyone continue this there won’t be any girl child in this world. And how will you get your son married ?



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It matters…

What you wear may matter

but how you wear it really matters.

What you had said may matter

but why you said it really matters.

What you had seen may matter

but why have you seen that really matters.

What you did may matter

but why you did really matters.

Whatever you think before you do really matters. If you think something and do opposite, it’s not good. Whatever you think do it as it is. But think twice before you do anything.

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“Like the moon I will fade away, but like the sun I will rise again.”-unknown                                     

I have shorten this quote as “Like the sun I will rise again” and this shortened quote was the caption for my picture on ‘Instagram story’. As my best friend saw this she just asked me why can’t the moon rise again!!! as moon is more pretty and she loved it more than the sun. Then I told her that we need the sun for many things and finally we stopped. But then I thought why can’t I write an article on my blog related to this. So here it is what I thought after this beautiful debate.


SUN RISE IS THE BEST: Sun is strong, Bright and smart. When we look it we feel more energy. As an extrovert person (85% physiologically proven) I like morning the best. When the Sun rises I would love to sit in beach side or anywhere near a window, with a cup of  coffee, a book and a canon camera. Sun rises and gives me strength to do work and to be active. I feel sun makes us stronger and smarter. I would love to go a park at daytime where I can feel free and be myself.

MOON RISE IS THE BEST:Moon is always pretty, pleasant and always so cool. Night is the time when we love to take some rest, maybe. Where the moon makes the dull background of the night to a beautiful one including the stars. Moon is always pretty and pleasant as when we look at it we feel so calm. My articles and poems fill in my brain at midnight, usually! At night I need a book, a fluffy blanket and a soft bed and my favorite track on youtube. Night is so cool as moon is. Moon creates peace in our mind at night. 

“Either Sun or Moon both rises, so as you should too”  – Sameeha Junaid.





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ELECTRONS please don’t kill PROTONS.

You might be wondering what I meant by the title. It is nothing else, the electrons are the negative thoughts in our mind. Whereas protons are the positive thoughts. Never let your mind to be friend of these electrons. It is quiet natural as a human being to think about the negative side first. But we should learn to overcome this habit and be positive always.

How beautiful will be the world full of optimistic people! No depression, No pressure and No stress. In life we pass through many situations and face many problems. It is not our fault if we suffer many problems ,it is our fault if didn’t solve it in the beginning itself. Sometimes these electrons can ruin our life, Where maybe one proton would have helped you. Therefore think twice before you do anything. Maybe at first you have thought according to what the electron have said and there is hope that you listen to proton the next time.


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You can do it… I am sure. Whatever it is, if your aim is good you will achieve it. Life is unpredictable😊 Don’t worry…but still you have to!

Take each problem you suffer as a test for your strength. Didn’t get it?  I meant that if any problem is affecting you. What will you do? be depressed? or try to overcome that? You are the one – who have to choose one. I always prefer the 2nd option (overcome). You gain courage,more mental strength etc.. by doing this👼.

Just do this ot just take max 3 mins. Close your eyes – take a deepth breath – delete all the problems you suffer or whatever affecting you -Open your eyes- think about all the good memories you had + what you want to achieve in future or your goal *play a good music with it ..if you love music😇😍*  – Believe you can do it..Of course you can – Take a pledgd that ‘I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP IN MY LIFE’-take a selfie 👌 -Start thinking about the steps you need to take to achieve your aim -That’s it.

*if you want to sit alone, play some songs and think about your dreams…DO IT!! BECAUSE IT IS SO COOL😎😎 and easy to be feel free😊😇*

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Welcome 2017.

A day more to go ….

-to welcome.

The wonderful and

-astonishing year.

Everyone was busy

-creating resolutions.

Night was getting

-ready to party.

Wishes were spreading

-across the social media.

Still the same

-I was thinking about past.

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Happy New Year !!🍭 💫2017💫

It’s so creepy to think how this year had gone. This year I have studied that we have to have an aim in our life to achieve and live successfully. 😊
I am person who loves music🎶, books📚, traveling 🛤(with a canon camera📸), badminton🏸 ,chess🌸 and writing poems or articles✒. I love being funny and cool😎. Life is just one chance given to you to achieve all what you want to. Learning new things is also one of my hobby, because in this world gaining knowledge is really important. 😊
We need a world filled with peace and enjoyment right? But no one is trying to make one world like that!! Let’s see how you all will change this world in 2017.Live the life and love the life.🤗👌
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A motivational article.

“Like a moon I’ll fade away. But, like a sun I’ll rise again.” I like this quote very much. Because this quote tells many things to us.

In this huge and beautiful world most of the people find it hard to live happily. They think happiness is only for those who are rich or for the famous people. But that is completely a wrong idea about happiness. We all want happiness in our life, isn’t it?  We know that life is a mixture of emotions. We have to face many situations and we will pass through many emotions!! As we can’t be always sad,angry or happy.

Just never ever give up in your life that’s what I want to say first. Because many people will just give up after their first try believing that they can’t do more. But the right thing is that everyone can achieve their aim. There isn’t anything impossible in this world. There will be many difficult situations on the way to your success you’ve to overcome all those situations and achieve it.

If you are stressed up or depressed. Just one thing to you all. What is the benefit of being like that for so long ? Rather than that why can’t you just avoid all those things what depressed or stressed you and wake up for a new beginning to achieve your aim , your goals…

If you want to achieve what you want start now itself. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Because you want to achieve your aim as early as possible.  Isn’t it right?  😊


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“Life is like a novel. It can be long or it can be short. It can be the best or the worst.”

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She was utterly obsessed 

– about the varieties of patterns.

She was utterly obsessed

– about the colorful materials all around.

She was delighted to wear

– different styles each day.

She believed that

-what she had worn describes herself.

She enjoyed each moment

– of dressing up .

She had many opinions

– just on what to wear.

She was utterly obsessed

– with everything allied by fashion.

She was utterly obsessed

– to give life to the colours and patterns!

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Just Be Calm

Just be calm 

– when you can.

Just be calm 

– when you can’t.

Just be calm

– when you want to.

Just be calm

– when you need to be!

via Daily Prompt: Calm

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Being enthusiastic

-is one of my my hobby.


-is really a nice word.

I am enthusiastic about

-that word too.

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Accept what you did…

Accept what you did always. If you did something wrong and not accepting it – is more shameful than anything.Because who did it? you , you know that is wrong ? yeah , so accept it and never do it again . Even if you have done the right thing accept it .

You might be wondering why I have written this. It is because I have seen many who doesn’t want others to know that they have done something wrong! Hope you understood what I meant , Whatever it is and whenever it is tell the truth and accept what you believe as truth.


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Be positive always no matter what the problem is you can solve it. There is no problem without any solution! In life we may get depressed and stressed up . But it is you who can change it. Life is a mixture of emotions . You have to face many situations and go through many problems , But  you have to learn to overcome those problems. Without having the strength to overcome the problems and getting into -ve thoughts will lead you to the loser side or you are failed then!! So be positive always . Because you live once why can’t you enjoy it?BE YOURSELF AND LOVE YOURSELF.


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If I were someone, I’ll be…
The one who has an aim
and a popular name.

The who has the right
to speak out only the truth.

The one who has the courage
to kill everything that’s venomous.

The one with the ability
to fight against immortality.

The one who loves
to show his boldness.

The one who understands
his rights and is always aware of it.

The one who bravely
faces all the problems of life.

The one who desires
his own solutions.

The one who know himself
loves himself as much as do others.


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Daily Prompt: Percolate

If you daily percolate the words you had spoken and differentiated it as needed and waste of time ..After a month which one will be more ? needed or waste of time?

via Daily Prompt: Percolate

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Daily Prompt: Or

It was a good day OR a bad day.

These scores are good OR bad.

She is good OR bad.

It is an advantage OR disadvantage.

It is we who decides whether it(anything OR something) which is suitable for us. It is we who make wrong OR right assumptions. So be careful while speaking OR while doing something maybe you are right OR maybe you are wrong.

via Daily Prompt: Or

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Image result for WINNER

When I thought of the word ‘Brick’ some ideas joined together in mind.Here is it:

For building a small house or a big house we need the same bricks. Let us consider each brick as each ‘stage’ to reach the success . When you build a house(or any building) and keep a brick in an improper way the house(or any building) will not stay. Likewise if you go behind easy steps and be lazy to reach your success you can’t reach there. Isn’t it impossible to imagine about a building with base area is only made up of brick and the rest is left over , but all of a sudden it is formed as a building!. This is also known as LUCK. It is like when people didn’t have ever thought of it and  they achieve success so soon and luckily. But don’t always think that I will get luck and I’ll reach success. Have willingness to do hard-work, a mind filled with ambitions and a fixed goal or aim. Then you are nearer to finish the building of the building .

“Maybe you don’t have the key for that lock, but you can make one” – Sameeha Junaid      To reach success you may face many different problems . Never give up to those problems. Make your own powerful solutions to it and be strong.

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I haven’t  ever thought I can make a blog myself, as well I’ll write these many things. I thank my friend Hiba Fathima for giving me such a wonderful idea about WordPress.Her blog is:  ( . When she told me that she has a blog (she gave me a link). I started blogging in April 2006, First two weeks or more I just had 2 posts which is the only good ones from which I wrote.

Life is all about…Idk…but life is sometimes or always confusing. I really beleive the quote which says ” In the end we’ll regret only the chances we didn’t take”-unknown. So I decided to make a blog when she told me about her blog, so later I shouldn’t be regretful.I started writing when I was in 5th standard(10 years old). My first poem ‘Sky’ was written in Malayalam when I was looking at the beautiful moon in a park.Everyone used to tease me *when I grew up*  as that poem was so kiddish. I had written some stories and ‘senseless’ poems when I was 11 – 13ish years old !

Now let’s talk /write about WordPress. The best place where you can showcase your talent in blogging or maybe everything. I am really addicted to this( WordPress). In my opinion I like the ‘Daily prompt’ (  the most . Because when you don’t have any idea about what to write when you want to write something interesting ‘Daily prompt’  reminds with new new beautiful topics.I don’t know about free plan and premium plan etc.. I use free plan. I wish if anyone could explain me about it. I am so happy to know that many people from different countries have seen my posts. I would love to write more and achieve more. 


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Best friends for ever

They are many people who likes being irksome to you or loves to annoy you. It’s none other than your best friend. They love you more than anyone in school😉. Best friends fight each other for everything and they care each other Every time ….

Continue reading “Best friends for ever”

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I was so relished when I heard I won.

I was relished when I heared I lose.

I was relished when I heard I won in the replay!

-due to my willingness and determination to win .

via Daily Prompt: Relish

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Hyperbole means exaggerating statements.

This habit can be either useful or dangerous.  Continue reading “Hyperbole”

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‘Base’ When I saw this word what came into my mind was ‘the beginning’ . We start from base to reach the top. If we have a positive mind and willingness to do hard work it is easy to reach the top asap. But if you can’t be positive and always be negative when you fail once , you can never reach on top. If you fail once and tried again that means you have the ability to reach top and you deserve it. BE POSITIVE ALWAYS AND THEN YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!😉

via Daily Prompt: Base

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October is also known as breast cancer awareness month. And today it is October 29th, the month is going to end.What did you do in this month representing Breast-Cancer-Awareness? COMMENT BELOW ASAP 🙂

There is cure for everything, just go and find it!!                                                          Laugh,Smile,Enjoy,Be Yourself & You are unique. We all have one life to celebrate. So enjoy the maximum.

Q.Why do people wear pink for breast cancer?
A.The first known use of a pink ribbon in connection with breast cancer awareness was in the fall of 1991, when the Susan G. Komen Foundation handed out pinkribbons to participants in its New York City race for breast cancer survivors.(Google)

Picture : GooGle

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International girls day 💞👸

I am really so proud to be a girl, a daughter, a sister and an aunty too . Being a girl doesn’t make you weaker it makes you more and more stronger than you were😇. Being a stronger human being I can do what ever I want without being tired of doing it again and again #nevergiveup. Let’s together celebrate this wonderful and amazing day happily👶👱👸👰👩👵👼
Be who you are because you are unique just beautifully unique👰

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🌸You yourself🌸

‘Being yourself ‘ you my have heard this many times but you didn’t think much about it. Right?. You are you or you are unique. Each and everyone is different. In this beautiful world there is nothing impossible to achieve if you have an aim and hard-working hands. Love the life you live. In life, if there is only happiness then you can’t enjoy the real life. Being happy after being sad or depressed is more awesome than being always sad or happy!!. In life you have to or you will go through many emotions. You may cry, get angry, laugh out loud etc…

“Maybe you don’t have the key to that  lock but you can make one”.  – Sameeha Junaid

People who suffered a lot or went through depressions and stressful situations are the strongest among all. They learned how to overcome those problems with their own experiences. Nowadays people can’t be depressed too much , if so they want to die. They start hating their own life. Rather than that why can’t you think about the gifts given to you by God . There are many people suffering more than you suffer. 

You will be there for you always right? So be calm you are not alone. If so stressed up just watch your favorite cartoons or shows. Do whatever makes you happy. Whatever makes you think you are someone.Always think I can. Don’t forget you are a lucky person. 

 just be you. If you are crazy let you be crazy forever😂.That’s it.

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Different colours
Different fragrances
In different gardens.
Same colours
Same fragrances
In the same garden.

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Her cajole was so impressing
Her smile was so pleasant
Her attitude was so perfect
She was just a mirror image
– of mine!

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Embellishing the hall


It’s time for wedding
Embellish the hall
Embellish the hall
The groom looked at
-his fair face with a glance
The bride looked at
-her new jewelries
As well as her beauty at
-her magical mirror.
It’s time for wedding
Let the bride-groom come
-to the hall
It’s time for wedding
-to be celebrated
The hall was filled
-with smiles and laughter’s
The married couples went along
-in their luxurious car
As the rumour, people were hungry
-because the bride and groom
All the people filled their stomach
-with happiness
But the embellished hall remains
The same and lonely
-for that night.

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She was broken inside. But none knew as she had a smile, which was fake and strong enough to be bold enough.



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