Fake smile and Broken dreams.

The place was filled with the fragrances of beautiful flowers ๐Ÿฅ€ and the humming of birds ๐Ÿฆ.. I felt so free and peaceful to read the book there. I was deeply into my book. This place and this bench is always fixed for me in this park.

Everyday whenever I come at the evening at 4pm, approximately… I always see that girl who’s around 13years siting in a bench next to mine and always listening to music in her own world. She used to smile at me sometimes. I used to smile back too. Today she wasn’t there which felt me there’s something wrong. But, I ignored it as I thought she might be busy or not well… I thought of siting on the other bench where she used to sit.

I saw an envelope there. First I was wondering whether I should take it or just leave it there because it’s someone’s and not mine. But something inside me told me to take it. I did. I was shocked to see her name written on that and below it was written – ‘ To the man sitting on the bench next to me and always busy with his books’ . My heart started to beat rapidly and my sweat glands rejoiced. I opened and started to read it…

Dear stranger,

I have always thought that once at least in this 1month you would come to me and ask me something. But you didn’t. I have sometimes smiled at you, a fake smile. But you have returned me a perfect ย smile. Yeah, you might have thought I would come first to ask. Maybe it was all my fault because always it’s me who makes mistakes. Don’t get confused now..I’ll let you know who I am and why I was here in a strange place, for me.ย 

Life was beautiful for me until I was betrayed from my one and only best friend. I was all alone from when I was just 7years old. I don’t know whether my parents are alive. They were kidnapped said many.. I believed it bitterly. Anyway after few months of living in the streets and wandering I found her . Her parents cared me as their own child. We both were sisters, best friends and everything else. ย But I didn’t know her parents did know that my parents where killed and they were rich!. Last year by cheating they took all my wealth. Whatever my parents had made for me, my future.I had many dreams to achieve which are now known as broken dreams.ย I left that place forever. But I was totally depressed and had an attempt to suicide but I failed… I had a thought of never giving up. I was always in doubt after that .. my mind was filled with questions which I couldn’t answer. I always sit here in the park where everything is peaceful except my mind to find the answers. Or I had expected someone else to ask me ‘How can I help you’ . Especially I expected that from you.’ you might wonder where I am now. But you’ll find the answer soon.

Bye. With love,


Something inside me Burst out and my eye was filled with tears ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ‘๏ธ. I hurried back to home. I sat on my sofa and didn’t know what to do. I thought of checking the newspaper for just investigating something about her, because I hope I’ll find her.

Whaaaat!!! There’s news on the newspaper which says :ย “A girl around 13 had died by herself yesterday”ย  what if it’s her? Why didn’t I ever had the ability to ask her help? Why did I didn’t do anything? I could have helped her? My brain felt overweight . I was really gone crazy.

‘Ding-Dong‘ The door bell sound wake me up from my sleep. It was my neighbor scolding me for getting late to wake-up. I had come so late last night so I slept early and I remember I had messaged him to make sure that I had wake up. I said thanks and closed the door to get ready. My mind was still wondering about that dream.ย The dreadful dream.


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