I was eagerly waiting for the daily prompt to arrive.

As a child eagerly waits for the next piece of the chocolate.

I was amazed to see how I changed.

The way I changed my language of writing to a better one.

Always I thanked daily prompt or the way it helped me to cross the bridges …which wasn’t that easy.

But yes, there were some people to say that I was a substandard person who really always wants help to write a new post.

Who cares? Because if I care what people say.. I know I wouldn’t reach anywhere near my success or my target, my goals..

I overcome all the problems to find the better solution for everything which attacked me and will attack later.


Those people who believe they are substandard and can’t be strong and themselves … Please don’t depress yourself.. You can and everyone can.




viaDaily Prompt: Substandard


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