Nadumuttam Summer Camp 2017

I have written a post before about Nadumuttam Summer Camp 2017 It’s the summary of what all happened on that day.  If you have not seen it here is the link to that post :നടുമുറ്റം-സമ്മർ-ക്യാമ്പ്  It is in Malayalam. The translated post will be uploaded soon.

Here is what I have to write about the camp…

It was because of my sincere interest to participate in the summer camp. As I have participated last year I wanted to go this year too. Comparing last year’s this year it was really thrilling😍 and all of us has gained more knowledge!! 😎 If I start thanking each one who made the three days of camp amazing I wouldn’t finish writing today 😂… Thanks to one and all who have made the camp wonderful. Actually, students who didn’t go to India this vacation mostly will be bored at home or they may be fully into social media most of the time. This camp had brought a break for it. And this break was literally amazing!!😹👌👍😎😍


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