Fantasy – Vision

A girl who has many goals to achieve,

But something hinders her way to that.

A girl with the passion for fashion and a lot more.

A human being with a shield over its heart.

The shield is s strong,

but there are arrows which hurt it.

She is fair and beautiful,

not the fair and beautiful synonyms the society believes.

She concealed her talents,

deeper inside where none can see it.

Deeper and deeper the talents grew

but a bud had arisen from it.

Her words were written on a plain paper

which turned out to be poetry, fiction and much more.

She went through many tuff circumstances

neither did she nor her mind had lost hope.

Try, try and try said her shielded heart

from deep inside and thus she will.

Thus she conquered what she wants and deserves.

Lately but not so late,

she had some features same of mine.

My mind muttered with excitement

you are just in front of a  mirror.








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