Talent inside was born since I was born

To find those was easy for others but was hard for me, myself.

It was Hard, Hard and Harder to create new one

It was Easy, Easy and Easier to find the old one

-but for others and not myself.

I did draw, which was known as scribbling.

I did sing, which was known as screaming.

I did design my own, which was known as rubbish on a piece of cloth.

I did write something or everything which I thought

– not something relevant or maybe worthful at times…

I was scared whether they would call it as a rubbish too…

or just thoughts which are worthless !!!

I concealed everything,

or else they’ll conceal my talent, I assumed.

And they’ll say I buried my talent and left to discover one.

I can and I will wait for my talent to escape

-from all these tales and display itself, when it desires to.


via Daily Prompt: Bury


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