Why girls aren’t safe

In today’s world, there are many things which disturb the freedom of a girl. Why is it so? Is it because we blindly ignore those things? or is it because all these things are undestroyable?

There should be something done asap to change all these situations. A girl should be free and safe to live her life in this world. She should get the rights she deserves. As an Indian, I know the situation of girls in India better. The everyday newspaper contains either one or many cases of girl abuse. People complain that the girl was abused since the dress she wore wasn’t decent. Yes, I agree that is also a cause but not 100%. Approximately 40% you can complain about that. But in reality, there isn’t any age for a female to be abused!!! as I have seen the news that an eight-month-old girl had been raped the last month.

The development is increasing in each and every field whereas there isn’t any change in the problems that females face. Yeah, there has been many campaigns, posters, speeches, and social media posts have been posted related to this disaster. But that has only affected 20-25% of this disaster and therefore we have to take a serious decision about female abuses and to achieve all the freedom they deserve. Change the attitude, be together, think together, start today, all are humans and Protest against all unfair problems.





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