How can you?

There are some who ask me ‘How can you behave normally even when hard and tuff problems are surrounded near you!?’  I would like to answer them all. Why do we get upset or depressed? It’s because you think about the problem which has broken your heart so badly, right? Isn’t there a million other things in this world to think? I know even though there are millions of things the problem which has had affected you will come into your mind at least once in a day. I love, really love listening to music. I love reading books and even I love studying my favourite subject. So what I actually do at that time is ‘I do what I love’. If I don’t do that and if I only think about that problem, I will be 100% dead due to high depression!! Because I think so deep.

There is some thing which is really important ‘If you want to cry like anything…Do it!!’ I cry like I’m gone crazy or mad when I’m all alone. You can open yourself, you can tell anything and you can do anything when you are all alone. I just cry and tell all my problems, tensions etc.. when I am crying all alone. You’ve to cry because it will reduce your pain.

If you’ve a person to whom you can always be open and who always be there for you. You are so lucky and you can share your problems with them. That will also reduce your stress.You just have one life with millions of dreams. You have to live this life beautifully and you’ve to achieve what you thought you want to.

Last but not least I would like the people to ask ‘How can I (help you)?’ rather than ‘How can you?’


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