Is there anyone who doesn’t like denim? Nah.

Denim is one of the awesome cloth material anyone can wear. It’s so comfortable, always wearable and suits for all functions.

Denim can be designed and styled in many varieties beautifully. I like both light and dark shades of denim. Dark shaded looks good with black whereas Light shaded denim looks good with white. Denim dresses are perfect for a party with suitable jacket or accessories. While wearing denim you can wear hijab according to the denim shades.

For example, if you are wearing dark shade wear black or any dark shaded or beautifully printed matching hijab. Or if you are wearing light shaded denim wear pretty coloured hijab like pink, white or stripped designed hijabs.

Do you like Indian wares? If yes, you can design a dress or blazer or anything with Indian design on it adding some glass work to it will make it more pretty. Nowadays we can see designer sarees with denim blouse. That’s actually good to wear (everything depends upon the way you design the blouse).

Isn’t it really stunning to hear that, denim looks perfect for everyone for all colours? Some patterns which suit with denim are – Stripes, Polka dots, Shapes or Simple patterns.


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