I am…

I am girl filled with many dreams to fulfil and an aim to achieve. I love to be happy always (
approximately). As we know life is full of emotions and as we pass through many situations we need to have the strength to overcome the problems we face.

I thought my life was worthless, once upon a time. And still, now I feel that sometimes. I thank God for giving me a wonderful thinking power that, I have some courage inside my mind still alive to withstand all my problems. I was badly hurt inside many times, Cried loudly when I was alone(as none can identify me crying). I have thought many times if someone close to me – give me a hug and say me that you can do it when I am depressed totally. It could create a wonderful change in me. I never say any (most of them) problems to anyone I know. I wish if there was someone to help me and understand my feelings….

Like this, there are many “I’s”in this world. It may be your closer one. They maybe hiding everything in their heart and really hurt inside!! Find if any are there and help them and understand their feelings.


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