Are you a RACIST?

Ummm….If your answer is ‘No’ , I’m extremely happy. Because in today’s world it is really hard to find someone who isn’t racist. Before starting this article I want you all to watch this video, which lead me to write this article : .

Many people protest against being racist. But unfortunately these are those people who is being racist!! Maybe you aren’t but there are some. As you have already seen the video you can understand what I am going to write. This is Earth the beautiful planet with many different things. There are billions and trillions and etc…(UNCOUNTABLE) no.of people in this world. Here, In this world with all these varieties of things how can you expect everyone to be ‘White’ skinned people? Or everyone to be ‘Fair’? I believe that everyone is pretty in their own way. I have seen many people  when they are looking for a groom or a bride they see if they are ‘white’ skinned. But I have even seen other good people but they are just few!! … This is life and everyone has the right to live it happily and that happiness shouldn’t be destroyed by anyone’s racism  behaviour.

Beauty isn’t in face , Beauty is what is there inside your heart” – Khalil Gibran. This should be their in your heart and you should obey this in your life too.

download (14).jpgLet’s all be together always, because we are ‘Homo sapiens’ – Sameeha Junaid.


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