“Like the moon I will fade away, but like the sun I will rise again.”-unknown                                     

I have shorten this quote as “Like the sun I will rise again” and this shortened quote was the caption for my picture on ‘Instagram story’. As my best friend saw this she just asked me why can’t the moon rise again!!! as moon is more pretty and she loved it more than the sun. Then I told her that we need the sun for many things and finally we stopped. But then I thought why can’t I write an article on my blog related to this. So here it is what I thought after this beautiful debate.


SUN RISE IS THE BEST: Sun is strong, Bright and smart. When we look it we feel more energy. As an extrovert person (85% physiologically proven) I like morning the best. When the Sun rises I would love to sit in beach side or anywhere near a window, with a cup of  coffee, a book and a canon camera. Sun rises and gives me strength to do work and to be active. I feel sun makes us stronger and smarter. I would love to go a park at daytime where I can feel free and be myself.

MOON RISE IS THE BEST:Moon is always pretty, pleasant and always so cool. Night is the time when we love to take some rest, maybe. Where the moon makes the dull background of the night to a beautiful one including the stars. Moon is always pretty and pleasant as when we look at it we feel so calm. My articles and poems fill in my brain at midnight, usually! At night I need a book, a fluffy blanket and a soft bed and my favorite track on youtube. Night is so cool as moon is. Moon creates peace in our mind at night. 

“Either Sun or Moon both rises, so as you should too”  – Sameeha Junaid.






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