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ELECTRONS please don’t kill PROTONS.

You might be wondering what I meant by the title. It is nothing else, the electrons are the negative thoughts in our mind. Whereas protons are the positive thoughts. Never let your mind to be friend of these electrons. It is quiet natural as a human being to think about the negative side first. But we should learn to overcome this habit and be positive always.

How beautiful will be the world full of optimistic people! No depression, No pressure and No stress. In life we pass through many situations and face many problems. It is not our fault if we suffer many problems ,it is our fault if didn’t solve it in the beginning itself. Sometimes these electrons can ruin our life, Where maybe one proton would have helped you. Therefore think twice before you do anything. Maybe at first you have thought according to what the electron have said and there is hope that you listen to proton the next time.



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6 thoughts on “ELECTRONS please don’t kill PROTONS.

  1. I really liked how you’ve compared the negative and positive thoughts with electrons and protons. Yes, optimism and positivity are the two things that make us happier and easy-going. But, a balance should be maintained…as they say, too much of any good thing is also bad… πŸ™‚

    A thought-provoking post…

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