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When I thought of the word ‘Brick’ some ideas joined together in mind.Here is it:

For building a small house or a big house we need the same bricks. Let us consider each brick as each ‘stage’ to reach the success . When you build a house(or any building) and keep a brick in an improper way the house(or any building) will not stay. Likewise if you go behind easy steps and be lazy to reach your success you can’t reach there. Isn’t it impossible to imagine about a building with base area is only made up of brick and the rest is left over , but all of a sudden it is formed as a building!. This is also known as LUCK. It is like when people didn’t have ever thought of it and  they achieve success so soon and luckily. But don’t always think that I will get luck and I’ll reach success. Have willingness to do hard-work, a mind filled with ambitions and a fixed goal or aim. Then you are nearer to finish the building of the building .

“Maybe you don’t have the key for that lock, but you can make one” – Sameeha Junaid      To reach success you may face many different problems . Never give up to those problems. Make your own powerful solutions to it and be strong.


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