🌸You yourself🌸

‘Being yourself ‘ you my have heard this many times but you didn’t think much about it. Right?. You are you or you are unique. Each and everyone is different. In this beautiful world there is nothing impossible to achieve if you have an aim and hard-working hands. Love the life you live. In life, if there is only happiness then you can’t enjoy the real life. Being happy after being sad or depressed is more awesome than being always sad or happy!!. In life you have to or you will go through many emotions. You may cry, get angry, laugh out loud etc…

“Maybe you don’t have the key to that  lock but you can make one”.  – Sameeha Junaid

People who suffered a lot or went through depressions and stressful situations are the strongest among all. They learned how to overcome those problems with their own experiences. Nowadays people can’t be depressed too much , if so they want to die. They start hating their own life. Rather than that why can’t you think about the gifts given to you by God . There are many people suffering more than you suffer. 

You will be there for you always right? So be calm you are not alone. If so stressed up just watch your favorite cartoons or shows. Do whatever makes you happy. Whatever makes you think you are someone.Always think I can. Don’t forget you are a lucky person. 

 just be you. If you are crazy let you be crazy forever😂.That’s it.


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