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‘Smoking kills’ is written in the packet itself. But still many people buy it as it is a pain reliever for them. But that gives them many pain and a lot of sufferings later, which they don’t think. Most of the people smoking suffers cancer and many dangerous diseases than cancer.
May be just thinking twice can change you from buying it. Think about your life and your family. Life is just short so live it as happily as you can and please don’t push it to a dangerous pit. Government should completely (100%) ban all shops selling cigarettes. If you can’t completely stop smoking, then It is like you are killing yourself or a slow motion suicide!!
If many of you can stop this habit – death rates will decrease and happily families will increase. How peaceful and pleasant will be your life without smoking. You can feel and love each moment of your life. Life of yours is yours it’s no one’s, so think yourself. Do you want to live or die so dangerously?


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