Thailand DAYS !

Flying like a bird freely in the clear sky with a lot of beautiful views down!😍 How beautiful will be that moment, How lovely will the memories be? Travelling gives us the same feel as the bird feels.

Thailand the peaceful and the beautiful country was the plan to go for my vacation. I was so surprised and happy when I heard that😉. The trip was for 5 days.First, three days in 💞Pattaya and💞 rest in 💞Bangkok.💞

  • My beautiful memories in ‘Pattaya’:- The first day we went to a zoo, Where different shows of animals were there.We first had our breakfast. I completely enjoyed every show we saw. As we were tired we all went to our hotel to be fresh and come back to enjoy the place again. We went to an Indian restaurant named ‘Indigo’ to eat our lunch and It was so tasty too. The next day we went to the ‘wonderful’ and ‘Beautiful’ PATTAYA BEACH. I was so thrilled to go there.We were going in a boat to the Pattaya Island first and then to the beach. In between, we stopped in a place to go in a parachute. Everyone was scared except my aunt!. When I reached there I was so amazed to see the water so cool and fresh!.Everyone was completely enjoying there. Obviously, we took lots of pictures (in CANON).After tasting the hot shrimp fries we all started walking to the boat to take us back. Within few minutes our boat arrived and we all went back to eat our lunch and be fresh. After the lunch, we took rest for some time. Then went for some street shopping. The streets were completely filled with shops – Accessories, Bags, Shoes, Dresses, Denim etc…The third day we all went to a Palace named as ‘Bann Sukhawadee Palace’ It was more than a beautiful palace…it was mind blowing. Inside the palace, it includes different varieties of things.To know more about  ‘Bann Sukhawadee Palace’ please visit their website – Our dinner was at the palace itself. There was Dinner for 10000 people and it was neatly arranged in a beautiful way. The dinner was so yummy.Then we went to buy the fruits from the street shops. We brought Dragon fruit, Guava, Litchi, Rambutan etc… I love the guava more :p.
  • We went to the floating market in ‘Pattaya’ which was so thrilling. Some markets are in the boat itself.We were first taken by a boat to the other end of the market and we walked all around till the was so amazing to see everything there!
  • We went to the underwater world where all the fishes huge and small above us and around us! it was really so cool.

  • We were so excited to go to Bangkok: Bangkok is the city special for shopping and everything there is cheap and good quality.Whatever you buy it worth it!. We had only 1  and the half day to spend in Bangkok. The first day or straightly we went to the Animal world. You can say it as a jungle and we were inside the vehicle seeing each and every thing through the window. As there were wild animals were not allowed to go out of our vehicle. We saw many different types of animals and we saw how they are feeding the animals. One lady was inside a cage like a thing made on the back of a vehicle and was giving meat to the tigers. It was really great👌👏.                                               The next day was full shopping in ‘Indira square’.The mall is 3 floors and each floor needs 1 day to be seen fully !!. We can’t stop buying things from ‘Indira square’. The time flew it was time for us to leave Bangkok city to Airport :(. We all were so sad. I was sad because I couldn’t see ‘Indira square’ completely and buy a lot of stuff 😮 .
  • From my experience-Thailand is a place where everyone has the freedom to live the way you want. There are no restrictions. Everyone gets respect and care. No one is superior or inferior. Everyone is hard-working whole heartily. There are no horns to be heard. If you here it’s rarely rare. I would really love to visit ‘Indira square’ once again.
  • I have missed some moments in this article. I am sorry about that. To complete that please go and visit Thailand and enjoy your trip (especially ‘Indira square’).


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