Houseboat Meeting😉!


It was an early morning of suspense and amusement to me. We woke up at 5am early in the morning. We all got ready in 40 minutes and was ready to start the car. I was so happy, so I captured a view of beautiful sky of 5:40 am in Kerala , Thrissur. We started our journey with a prayer. I was so busy to search for a good song or a Bollywood song in our radio. Fortunately I got it. I was enjoying the songs with my family and we too talked in between😉. All the views of Kerala was splendid for me. I tried to take videos and to send my selfies to our WhatsApp group, but unfortunately my phone memory was full. I slept for sometime in between. When I woke up we was near to my mother’s sister’s house in the ‘Venice of Kerala’ Alappuzha. Within few minutes we reached there. We had a hearty breakfast from there and a good rest time too. Around 10:45 we started our journey to the Houseboat area. We reached at 11:00 am and all others reached within few minutes. I was so happy to see everyone  with a smile on their face. 

We started our journey at 11:15 am(approximate) with a mango juice as a ‘welcome drink’. We all took our places in the boat. All women started to play ‘Anthakshari’. Later everyone joined and we all had fun. I have got a company to talk with and she was amazing . The time flew.We all prayed and within that time, the mouth watering Kerala special food was arrived in the table. We all had a ‘hearty meal’. A gain everyone was busy with talking , taking photos and sleeping. It is a best place for an author and a photographer. As it is so beautiful and a pretty landscape. I was really enjoying playing with the kids. It was tea time then . Hot milk tea served with pretty banana fries. Everyone were saying their opinion about this boat trip. I could see the smile o everyone’s face . A smile of satisfaction. The boat trip was about to over and we was in hurry to be ready . The amazing trip was over. My mother’s sister was living near there. We all went straight there and had a good tea break .And after few minutes everyone left happily.

I am happy to see and experience all these . Hope you had a smile on your face after reading this.


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