Hijab – Scarf


Wearing hijab is Islamic culture. If you are wearing it,you should wear it in the way it should be (Perfectly😃. Don’t wear just for a show off ). When you dress up you find it difficult to choose a better hijab for it . If you are wearing a dress coloured blue and white embedded with diamond white stones at its bottom and you have A blue , A white and A blue white mixture shawl with you in the cupboard.So what will you do?(comment it)😉

Black or white hijab are perfect for many outfits. If you are wearing a light coloured (only single colour) You can wear hijab a little darker of that colour or the same to look pretty.Wearing hijab and the colour of hijab should match your face to look more pretty . Wearing a cap under hijab is good for some.if your dress is pink you can wear a rose cap and a pink hijab on top of it. The way you wear hijab matters .There are many YouTube tutorial  to see many different ways to wear hijab.

Any doubt ? If yes , comment it .


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