Magic plants


The heat was so high as the sun was so exhausted! 😞I live in a villa . The owner of our villa planned to clear (cleaning) our outdoor (cutting everything, even the shrubs😭😞) . When I came back home from my tuition , I was shocked to see my outdoor with no plants and only mud 😖! The tap near to our main door of villa was leaking a bit (drop by drop😉) near to that my mom had planted two types of plants (In Malayalam – Cheera and payr) .

After 3 -4  days my mom and I was going out and we were surprised to see the plants she had planted earlier or long back had grown it’s own using the water leaked by the tap. Alhamdulillah (Thank God)😃. We was surprised to see a plant (too small too) growing independently. So I named it as ‘Magical plants ‘😉.


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