The Summer Camp

My summer vacation was so boring. It was just sleeping, eating & watching TV all the time. Last week I got to know that there is a Summer Camp by Nadumuttam for two days (Friday and Saturday). It was from morning 8 to Evening . I was so thrilled to go their. When the day arrived I was so happy and thought there will be only a few students.But there was more than 50 students.

Friday 29-7-16, The first day of the camp.I went inside the camp. I saw different faces with a hearty smile. They divided us into 4 groups . Each group had a beautiful name -Kochi,Calicut,Vayanad &Munnar respectively.There were many programs and entertaining games.There was an amazing speech about public speaking . The thing which I felt so excited was that the food they served us was not from any hotel or a restaurant….it was purely homemade!

Saturday 30-7-16,The amazing second day of camp. The programs started with our drama . In which I was so thrilled. Actually I’ve never performed  a drama or skit in a stage that too in front of many people. I was scared at the first, But then I realized that I can do it. We was so happy when our drama got appreciations and applause’s . Each group performed their best and it was so good though.The time was going so fast as we all were enjoying.We had seen 3 short films which was an amazing and so thoughtful.There was an interesting speech about typography,which was a special subject though !. The day went so fast with entertaining talks and speeches.In the closing ceremony there were special guests too. The camp was over so fast and everyone was so sad about it.The happiest moment was when the organizers said that we have changed a lot from the first day .The best example is that our stage fear has gone away.

Thank you so much for all of you who did this hard work to make this camp so wonderful. With so much of entertainment and fun . Thank you .


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  1. Sameeha…
    Excellent write-up!
    Simple and plain language, flowery though sometimes.
    There is a good flow of thoughts.
    Keep writing!
    All the best!

    Liked by 1 person

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