Are you sad or happy or angry …..let it be anything ! which language do you like to speak at that moment ? Obviously your mother tongue. Each one will have lots to say about their mother tongue.As I wished to write it in my blog.Hope you all will like it.

My mother tongue is the most beautiful language in the world. It is known as MALAYALAM. It is spoken by more than 38 million people around the world.I was born in Kerala and settled in Qatar since when I was in 1st standard(Currently I’m in 11th). Whenever I go for a program here in Qatar for  Keralites I see most of them speak English and say that they don’t know how to write it properly but they can somehow speak. I feel so bad for that,Actually the reason they say that is they didn’t take Malayalam as subject to learn..I agree to it . But why doesn’t the parents teach them at home? .

I love my mother tongue and my Kerala.

Official language in
 Kerala , Lakshwadeep & Puducherry.

.An interesting fact about the population of malayalies all over the world from wilipedia

Regions with significant populations
 India 33,066,399[2][3]
 United Arab Emirates 914,000[4]
 United States 644,097 (2012)
 Saudi Arabia 595,000[4]
 Kuwait 127,782[5]
 Oman 195,300[5]
 United Kingdom 104,737[6]
 Qatar 148,427[5]
 Bahrain 101,556[5]
 Israel 46,600[7][8]
 Australia 25,111[9][10][11]
 Canada 22,125[6]
 Malaysia 14,236[6]
 Singapore 8,800[6]
 Pakistan 6,000[12]
 Germany 5,867[13]

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