Life is beautiful as a garden full of roses

of different colors

when the sun rays cover the trees,

The garden looks like a beautiful rainbow

As there was a lot of them….

When the wind blew around the flowers

They smile’s and dance

When the birds flew over the trees,

The garden is full of melodious songs

Alas!one groan day,

An angry flood destroyed the garden ,

As I was in a contrite state,all became as a dream….

A new garden was growing up slowly

Hurray! It was a little more beautiful rainbow

Hurray! There was a little more melodies songs

Of different birds

When the wind blew all around there were

The laughter of peace was hear aloud….

But I don’t know whether there would be a flood again

Or a drought again

Alas! Hurray!Together should I say at a time!.



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