“I knew today was my last day here.I will really miss each moment I’d spend in this office.Especially the surprise birthday party you all gave me. The very first day of mine here. Which was 2 years ago was so scary.I didn’t know how I will cooperate with you all. But now standing here and speaking for the last day of mine here , I feel so powerful. I feel like we are all a family , A family which all wanted to be. Thank you for everything you all did for me. If I start thanking each one of you for each crazy things I could not finish this small speech today!. Last but not the least I thank my best friend Sameeha, who told me to apply for a job here. Thank you all again and have a nice day….have a nice life always !”                                                                                                                                                                   After this speech I got many best wishes , cute smiles,hugs and shake-hands from my friends . I felt I’m broken forever.The most memorable day I remember here is my birthday with them….I was so sleepy the day before my birthday – 17th May Sunday.I slept at 10 pm that day . At 11:45 pm I got a call from office . I was scared to attend that  call , actually no-one sits in the office till 11:30 pm on Sundays.I attended the phone . A girl told “helloo…helloooo please help me, please I beg you!!”.I was repeatedly asking what happened to her .But the reply was the same – ‘To help her’. I got dressed up in 5 seconds took my car keys and drove so fast .I reached the office at 11: 55 pm  I was scared to see no lights and no sound or sign of any people there ……there was a howling sound nearby. I thought I was too late . Even I usually take 15 minutes to reach office now I reached 5 minutes earlier!. My watch showed 11:58 I was hopeless . I’d planned to wait for 5 more minutes silently,I went inside the office using my key. After 1 minute I was frightened to see the lights on . The switches of all lights were in our Main Hall .I went straight there slowly and deliberately.                                                                                                                                       (POP-UP)”HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU … HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR MOST AMAZING SISTER” . I was scared,happy,wondered and shocked .Actually I’ve a lot to say about this amazing day , But If I write the whole thing it’ll be a novel.Thank you all for reading this,Hope you had a smile on your face .



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